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SALT + Sound with Kalee Coombs

Join us for a 45 minute halo session and sound journey. A sound journey is a deeply meditative and relaxing therapy that calms the nervous system, entrains brainwaves to healthy normal and naturally encourages hormone balance. Releasing and rejuvenating Sound brings a welcome freshness to mind, body and spirit and enhances a peaceful and blissful state of being. Even one session with Sound Therapy reduces stress, anxiety, deepens sleep, releases emotional and physical blockages and quiets the busy mind, soothing the soul. This Sound Journey will be a symphony of Crystal Singing Bowls, bells, drums and Kalee’s healing voice.

Kalee Coombs is a healing coach and the creator of the Resonant Alchemy Healing Sound Arts Program. She’s a natural psychic reader, a sound artist, and known to many as “The Tonal Alchemist.” With her natural ability to heal and hear the song of the soul, along with an eclectic background in classical music, ethnomusicology including years of academic study and a lifetime of self-exploration, she has created a wide variety of programs and offerings to benefit people and society. Kalee’s voice has a special quality that becomes immediately apparent when you first hear it. In a word, it’s healing. Kalee uses her voice as her main tool to affect the healing process by use of sound.

Cost of Event $55