New Moon Intentions

If you have not set your intentions for the month it is never too late to get started. Why do this on the new moon? The new moon is a perfect time to get clear about what you want to create and manifest in your life. It is a time for fresh ideas to naturally connect to your work, your life, your relationships and surroundings. Think of it as a clean slate to start something new each month and by the full moon see it come to life.

Here is a guide on how to stick to your goals and manifest the life you want.

  1. Set one intention at the new moon

  2. Focus on your intention every day. Say it out loud.

    • Choose a time that is consistent daily like when brushing your teeth or meditating

  3. Just one minute a day will have a cumulative effect by the full moon

  4. This practice is like a muscle, the more you use it the easier it will become.

Our new moon intention was to have more patience. We would love to hear from you, feel like sharing? Please tell us what is yours?