Approachable Wellness

“You don’t have to do Yoga to be into wellness” echoed in my head as I left a great event based on the anxiety we face today, hosted by Well + Good.  It’s so true! Being in the wellness industry, people assume that I have done this forever and the answer is, well no. My business partner Amber has and will always be my source of inspiration but as for my personal wellness journey, this is new for me and I am so excited to meet like minded people joining to try something new. I find that you just have to remember that other people (who look like they know what they are doing) are exploring alongside you. We celebrated the New Year and had a great team building event at Shock Therapy last week. I went alongside the awesome people that work at Salthaus to try something new. We all come from different wellness backgrounds and different exercise routines (mine is probably on the lowest end of the scale!) but as the class started, I looked around and felt how awesome it was that we got to try something new together and support each other thru our individual workouts. In life we go through phases and my journey in wellness will continue to do just that. Halotherapy is my baseline and my speed so it will always be a go to for me. I enjoy a weekly detox while I sit and relax, take a nap for some quality alone time or do a halo session to bond with one of my children or a friend that I feel I’m not getting enough time with.  But the thing I really value in my experience with halotherapy is that I am not intimidated when I walk in. This is an important feeling on my journey so I want to make sure you do not feel intimidated to try something new at Salthaus. We are creating an approachable space where we can come together to experience halotherapy and many other wellness practices. There are some amazing wellness practitioners coming to Salthuas. Join us and check out something that sparked your interest or something you know a lot about and wish to expand on. I am psyched to begin this journey together with you.

Have you been interested in trying a class or wellness therapy that seems intimidating? Or maybe you are interested in something but don’t know where to start? Let us know what's on your mind and we can share in a new experience together!