Salty Reads

We love to read at the beach! With no beach vacation in our near future, we read a ton at Salthaus. Cozy in the dry, salty air and a good book is the recipe for relaxation. But sometimes it’s hard to find the time to truly dive deep into a good read especially with the hustle and bustle of city life. When the urban jungle is too busy for a book, we opt to read a lot of articles on a daily basis. We decided to compile a monthly “salty reads” list to share with you. With a plethora of information out there we wanted to compile our personal favorite articles that truly lingered and intrigued us. We are excited to share our salty reads so that we may learn and explore together. What have you read lately that stuck with you? We would love for you to share with the halo community too!

The Take Away: Breath awareness has more power than you think.

Article: “Brief Meditation Practices Differ in Buffering Against Stress” by Marianne Spoon

The Take Away: Digital Detox, eat consciously and sleep are our favorites from this list!

Article: “The ONE Thing The Healthiest People We Know Do To Detox In January” by Liz Moody

The Take Away: The importance of creative play.

Article: “The Case for Creative Play in a Digital Age” by Perri Klass, M.D.

Current book during my halo session: “Becoming” by Michelle Obama

Stefanie Ruch