Halotherapy in the World of Wellness: Why You Should Include Halotherapy in Your Wellness Practice 

The world of wellness is vast. There are so many options out there today, so how can you decide which is best for you? Halotherapy is an efficient wellness practice that is easy to access and allows you to come as you are. Everyone wants to be efficient, especially in New York City. With so many things to fit into one day, taking the time for self-care and your health is not always a priority.  

Salt therapy allows you to fit in what you need each week—from “me time” to bonding with family and friends—all while escaping to an urban oasis for 45 minutes. 

As The Salt Therapy Association notes, there are multiple benefits from one session, with improved sleep, immunity, and respiration, as well as a mental reset and detox. Addressing all of these wellness dimensions in one concept is what makes halotherapy unique. It is a 100% drug-free treatment utilizing natural ingredients for a healthier you. 

Salthaus takes wellness to the next level, offering yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and other classes during a halo session. You receive all of the benefits from the halotherapy, as well as additional physical, mental, and emotional benefits from each session. Salthaus is so much more than just a salt room: it is your haus, a safe space for you to connect and relax. As fellow moms and New Yorkers, we know everyone is searching for more time. We want your wellness experience to be efficient. Interrupt the stress by taking a moment to breathe salt, and you will feel all the difference.

Enjoy an escape from the everyday chaos with a treatment that makes you feel lighter and restored. Starting a new wellness routine is not daunting if you lead by example and start small shifting habits. Instead of catching up over ️or coffee or drinks, try getting salty and catching up with friends, hosting a work outing, or having a date, all while boosting and nurturing your body and mind. You can finally be more proactive when it comes to your health. It’s everyone’s responsibility to make health a priority, and as Isaac Breeze notes, you have to carve out the time to do it. 

Our mission at Salthaus is for people of all ages to engage in wellness together, so everyone can feel their best through the power of salt. Salt therapy provides social wellness: the building healthy, nurturing, and supportive relationships, as well as fostering a genuine connection with those around you. You can bond with your family, receive multiple physical benefits, and de-stress all in one 45-minute session. If you don’t have 45 minutes, you can always try a 20-minute halo session during your lunch hour, but remember: take the time out of your day for you. 

Check out New York City’s Salthaus, and join our salty community! Or, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out at info@salthaus.com or (646) 692-8286.