Halo, What? How I found Halotherapy

Thanks to my husband, I discovered Halotherapy. It was during the winter 2 years ago that my husband had an annoying cough that just would not go away. It only came out at night and lingered for over a month. I am a VERY light sleeper so this was not ideal for either of us and after being woken up nightly, I was at my wits end. We went to Florida for a getaway weekend and our friends had been telling me about these “salt rooms” they would use to take their kids for colds, allergies and asthma issues. With this cough in mind, I said to him, lets go check this out because you need it! We went and after the one session his cough disappeared. We were both stunned and could not believe it at first but it really went away and did not come back. I immediately fell in love with the therapy, especially since it was 100% natural and available to all ages. I was taken back that I had not heard of halotherapy or salt therapy before. I mean, how would this be in Florida and not in New York? After researching for a place to go back home in NYC I saw the treatment was more commonly used in spas rather than a stand-alone studio. Some studios were around but in distant suburban areas. I could not get the incredible results out of my head and finally decided to work on a social wellness concept that became Salthaus. My goal is to bring people together to engage in wellness while modernizing the experience of halotherapy and bring greater awareness to this incredible treatment. Thank you for joining us to share in our mission "wellness together." At Salthaus we aim to help you feel your best together so please keep on spreading the word to all your friends & family. 

Stay salty!