Journey With a Halo Member

I discovered halotherapy about three years ago when looking for natural remedies to help my son keep his airways open.

My third baby was born early and with lots of complications. He was in the hospital for about 3 months and received oxygen for about 9 weeks while he was there. While he has thrived since being discharged from the NICU, his breathing and oxygen issues have lingered.

When he gets a cold or allergies, he has a very difficult time getting enough air. So, I was desperate to find natural ways to fight against colds and keep his airways clean. He received a lot of medication for various reasons while in the hospital, and I have worked to ensure that he doesn’t need medications at home.

When I learned about halotherapy, I was excited but a bit skeptical. Now, I have seen first-hand the benefits it provides. My son regularly visits Salthaus, and this winter has been his healthiest ever. Even better, he loves going to Salthaus and has even had play dates there. It’s a quiet place to play and relax for him. It is wonderful to watch him play and know that he is also breathing in all the benefits salt has to offer!

Dina, Halo Member