Salty Reads

Sharing our favorite articles on wellness and mindfulness this month. 

In need of a phone detox? Start slow and feel the difference after you disconnect for just 45 minutes in a halo session.

Do Not Disturb: How I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain
by Kevin Roose

If you’re only using Himalayan salt as a nightstand lamp, you’re missing out on its wide range of benefits.

6 Healing Ways to Use Himalayan Pink Salt for Your Body and Mind
by Kelsey Kloss

Can't get to the beach? Get the same feeling and benefits during your visit to Salthaus.

Science Shows How A Trip To The Beach Actually Changes Your Brain
by Rebecca Jane Stokes

Current Book during my halo session: Untangled by Lisa Damour, Ph.D

Stefanie Ruch