Allergies and Salt Therapy

Spring always come at the perfect time when you are ready for a change. Sunshine and beautiful flowers lift our moods. Uptown in New York City we watch as people come out from hibernation. The streets are filled once again and the energy shifts to smiles all around. While I appreciate the abundance of beauty unfortunately allergies can be a pest and make you not want to leave the house. My family is all too familiar with seasonal allergies and they seem to be getting worse. More kids are facing the same challenges as adults. Does global warming contribute increased issues? My son suffers from seasonal allergies and when I start to see red rings form under his eyes that itch like crazy, I am quickly reminded that spring is officially here. When I learned about halotherapy, also known as salt therapy, I was excited to learn of a new treatment that could help ease his symptoms naturally. Halotherapy is a wonderful non invasive therapy that helps to alleviate the symptoms of allergies. You sit and breathe in dry salty air and the best part is you can spend time together while receiving the benefits of salt therapy. The power of salt is profound and helps to detoxify your respiratory system to expel pollutants that are flying around in the air. At Salthaus, we focus on introducing wellness to children in a fun and playful manner. The floor is covered in salt crystals. So much like sand at the beach the kids play with toys similar to a day at the beach. You don’t even realize you are receiving a treatment at the same time! Salt therapy becomes a relaxing and bonding experience for parents and the whole family to enjoy. In my experience with salt therapy if you want to get ahead of the game start weekly halotherapy sessions before allergy symptoms arise in order to keep your body as clean as possible. Be ready to tackle any pollutants that are ready to trigger your allergies by taking 45 minutes to breathe salt infused air in a Halo session each week. Salt therapy has helped many people alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies and I would love to hear your feedback on how salt has helped you this season. Please comment below!