Mindful Parenting Hacks

How do you incorporate Mindful Parenting into your everyday? With all the advice thrown at us parents each day we wanted to share with you the parenting hacks that helped us get started. Our advice, don't try and tackle everything on your mindful wish list. Instead, start small and focus on the idea that we are interdependent, our actions are reflected and do influence our children. Mindful parenting starts with you!

Here are 3 hacks to get you on your way to living a more mindful family life:

1. Lead by Example - it is hard to teach children how to be mindful if you are not mindful for yourself. A great way to begin is to incorporate self-care practices into your daily routine. We believe in baby steps and got started by playing with essential oils. Purchase a diffuser along with a few essential oils, create a nightly ritual where you diffuse your favorite blends, and create a spa-like environment at home. For more details check out our blog.

2. Breathing - We have the power to tap into our breath everywhere we go. Take a moment and STOP. Use the practice of STOP (explained below) to help you and your loved one get through any situation. This comes in handy, especially during meltdowns.

  • Stop

  • Take a Breath (belly breath)

  • Observe

  • Proceed

3. Be Social - Studies have proven that being present together and being social makes us happier. Take a moment with family and friends to disconnect in order to feel that connection. It’s the beauty of simplicity that becomes most rewarding.

What works for you? Let us know some things you have tried that were successful in your house.