Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used as a natural remedy for various conditions. It's a great way to empower yourself to continue taking care of your health on the road. Besides diffusing our custom Salthaus blend, we love to roll diluted essential oils on our feet each night before bed in order to keep our immunity defense high. Our favorite go-to is DoTerra On Guard. This blend is an immunity booster and always comes with us in our bag, especially when we travel.  At Salthaus we partner with DoTerra to bring you the best essential oils.

Not sure where to begin talking about essential oils or what essential oil to use when? Feel free to ask up the studio or find three of our go to websites to explore the world of essential oils below. There is a ton of information out there but here are some insights that we find super helpful in different situations.

What essential oil do I use when? When you want to dive into what each oil can do to help for a specific condition we check aroma web.

Ahhh…I want to change but don’t know where to start? We all strive to live a healthy lifestyle, Doterra makes it look and feel simple to actually achieve it.

In need of a home remedy? Find some incredible home remedies you never would have thought about