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Salthaus modern salt rooms are your urban oasis. Take a moment to recharge your body and mind. It is important now more than ever to unwind and detox from the everyday.  Salthaus' unique properties will make you feel like your best self. Breathe new life into your wellness routine. This is your Haus, a place to connect, learn and grow.



The summer of 1996 forever changed my lifestyle choices. I was recovering from surgery after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at only 15 years old. Fortunately, my mother discovered a macrobiotic diet, which allowed me to lead a medicine-free life. I have led a life Crohn’s-free since then and am forever grateful for my mother’s drive to seek answers when it seemed like there were none. This was not my first time being sick. I had JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) at 11, which ended my dance competition days. Two diagnoses, so close to one another was devastating at the time. Illness at any age can feel isolating but I knew I was not alone. When I saw other kids in the waiting rooms I wished there was a place where I could have connected with them to share our stories and wellness tips.

I believe wellness should be a foundation from the time before you are conceived and even more so once you are given the gift of life. Pregnancy can do a number on your body and after having my second child, I was met with new challenges. I felt off and could not put my finger on it. I had to dig deep to re-examine my lifestyle choices, and remember to focus on myself first. This was not easy as I typically put my family first, but if there is a will, there is a way! Breathing exercises and self-care practices became my go-to and it was transformative. The effects of healthy breathing were so profound for my stress and sleep issues, it led me to become BREATHE certified. My wellness journey has been a wild ride, learning so much as I go. I want to share my knowledge with you and grow together as a community, supporting each other along the way.



Exploring health and wellness after the birth of my children, nieces and nephews has opened my eyes to a completely new world. My mind became a sponge for understanding options for our children and parental choices. The first major influence in my quest for knowledge was my sister, who introduced me to her use of essential oils. She got me hooked, and I used them while traveling the world to help keep my family healthy, to elevate my mood, and to help me breathe and regulate my sleep.  

Wellness and the practice of mindfulness are areas I continually want to explore for my family. I pick and choose and am sometimes skeptical, I love learning about all the options out there and making the best choices for my family. After 15 years producing commercials, I have shifted to producing an experience for families based in halotherapy. Creating a like-minded community, where wellness options are discussed and practices are practical for the individual. We can go on a journey together to learn and take time for our families' well-being and ourselves.