Salthaus was an all around wonderful experience. The space was clean, relaxing, refreshing, and everyone working there was a joy to be around. It was the perfect way to step out of the concrete jungle and take some time for myself to just breathe and unwind!
— Jess Glazer, New York

After 45 minutes of a zen-like salt nap, my sinuses felt significantly better! Super clean and relaxing—like a little vacay! Going back tomorrow!!
— Jennifer Brenner, New york

Salt Haus is a life saver! Any time my kids or I have a cold, we rush over and feel better after a quick visit! It is the idea place for a play date that helps kids feel good at the same time!!!
— Dina Wizmur, New york

Salthaus is an amazing health and wellness sanctuary! It is a clean, bright and cheerful space where you can absorb the true benefits of halotheroay. I leave Salthaus rejuvenated, and breath and sleep noticeably better!
— Diane Hess, New york

This is a beautiful oasis in the midst of the UES. The environment is serene and the staff is inspiringly welcoming. Take a break from the madness and breathe deeply.
— Edward A, new york

Beautiful, tranquil, and healing. Salthaus is an incredible experience for all ages. As a chronic sinus sufferer I know I’ll be making many visits back as I immediately felt refreshed and rejuvenated at the end of my experience. Not only did it help my sinuses, I felt at ease and relaxed while spending time with friends. When your doctor tells you to go to Florida to help battle a cold and soak up the saltwater from the beach, just go to Salthaus!
— jennifer Bailey, New york